Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pressing Autumn Leaves

So autumn is just around the corner, it's time for the last hurrah of summer, harvest fairs are happening everywhere and farmers markets are in full fall harvest swing. Autumn begins in the month of September, on the 23rd , which happens to be a Friday this year. Days are getting shorter, leaves are changing color – in my neck of the woods the Maple trees are starting to turn a magnificent shade of bright red, and while days are warm, the nights are getting very cool.

A great activity is to go on a nature walk and find leaves to press in wax paper. Bring home your selection of leaves and then take them to the table. Find the flattest and most colorful leaves to press and lay them out on one foot squares of cut wax paper.

Press them with a hot iron, with a tea towel under the iron, to keep the wax paper from melting entirely into the hot iron, and label with a sharpie and there you go – autumn artwork to last the whole year.

Please be advised and inform your students that no matter how much they see wild animals eating acorns, this activity won't work with acorns and that eating an acorn raw can be a very bad thing and lead to acorn poisoning.

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