Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seasonal Fun

I love autumn.  It’s my most favorite season.  The weather is changing, the colors of the leaves are amazing and beautiful and it provides us with another chance to experience the nature around us.  This time of year, we take the time to enjoy nature walks using several of our senses.  We see the birds, small animals, and bugs.  We hear the calls from one creature to another.  We smell the air changing from one season to another.  We pick up leaves and rocks to examine them more closely.  

When we aren’t sure what something is, whether it be an animal or plant, we write down telling characteristics so we can research when we return home.  That’s when the internet and science websites become our best friend.  Gone are the days you pulled an encyclopedia from the shelf to do some more research.  Now, we have the opportunity to learn more about plants and animals, as well have fun with some nature games!