Monday, March 9, 2015

Fun with Math Facts

Math can be a tricky subject.  For some kids, they either understand it easily or they don’t.  There isn’t too often a middle ground when it comes to math.  When dealing with difficult math subject, it can quickly become a frustrating situation.  It can help if there is a fun way to approach learning math facts.  If you can find some games online, videos to watch, or songs to reinforce math facts, those practices will absolutely aid in the teaching of math.  

It also helps if you can find practical ways to introduce and practice math at home.  Can you discuss math topics while having breakfast or over the dinner table?  Can you review math while taking a walk or doing some exercises outside?  Jumping jacks and counting go pretty well together.  There are several ways to incorporate math into your daily life to help your homeschoolers learn their math facts.

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