Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Art for the New Year

Are you gearing up for the school year to begin?  You’ve taken some time off to refresh after a long school year.  You’ve researched and prepared curriculum and the big day is approaching.  What plans do you have for the upcoming year?  Will you be changing any curricula options from years past?  Have things been going well enough that you are continuing on with what you have been using?

One of the subjects that doesn’t get its due attention in our homeschool is Art.  This summer while making plans for the school year, I’ve been working on ways to add Art more effectively into our homeschool.  Because we are a primarily online homeschool, it’s always a benefit to find ways to include subjects that are not traditionally found online into our computer-based day.  Thankfully, the art curriculum we’ve found through our homeschool lessons will provide us with a good art introduction.  The kids can’t wait to get started!

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