Saturday, October 15, 2011

Autumn Migration

So back in the spring we covered migration and immigration - and how they are similar.

Well we're back to Autumn - and here we go - back to migration. So lets refresh for your kids. Migration of course is a long trip made by groups of animals, and they usually happen about the same time each year. The animals usually travel back and forth between two different homes in different regions, seeking a consistent temperature and climate to live in.

Migration isn't limited to birds - but to other animals, and here is a great opportunity for your students to put together a little study on what animals migrate, when and for what reason.

Examples include but aren't limited to:

Fish (Including but not limited to Salmon)
Polar Bears
Wilde beasts
Monarch Butterflies

So why do they do it, what is their motivation and goal? How do they figure out where they are going and where they will live? This is a great opportunity to teach use of the library and of course search engines on the internet. Don't let them use just one source for their information though...

Most of all have fun. Let us know what you came up with!

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