Friday, July 15, 2011

Escaping to where it's cool, wet and filled with loads of learning.

It's hot out, so now is a great time to study about where it's cool and wet out. The ocean. It's never too early to teach your kids about the ocean and Marine Biology.

Nearly 3/4 of our planet is water, salt water for the ocean. Depending on where you travel to, the ocean can be as different as you'll find differences on land.

Some places are lush and filled with plant life and reefs, filled with warm waters and animals that love that environment.

Some places are just so cold that you would think no life can be found there. However, much to our surprise life has been found there, and we have been making many new discoveries of life each year.

While it's not likely the Loch Ness Monster will turn out to be a Dinosaur still alive in Scotland, there have been other creatures once thought only to exist in myths found alive in the depths of the oceans.

Now when the weather is so hot, is a great time to take your students to the library to study about Marine Biology, and if you get a chance to make it out to an aquarium, don't miss that opportunity.

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