Sunday, May 1, 2011

Escaping the indoors, Migration and Immigration

Are you tired of the rain yet?

I am too.

But it's a great time of year to get out and explore nature with the kids (providing it's not rainy.) Mark those plants you've been watching grow and talk about how the birds are coming back – migrating. There are wonderful lessons to be taught about migratory animals and when you've covered that, how about Immigration and the history of how America was settled.

Topics easily covered -
Reasons people immigrated.
Angel Island
Why people changed their names.
How did they immigrate?
Ellis Island
Why did/do Immigrants come here?
How do you become a citizen?
What challenges do Immigrants face?
Finding Religious Freedom.
Illegal Immigration
Who were the first Immigrants in North America?

This all can leave you with many hours of lessons about migration, both animal and human and it becomes more than a history, citizenship, or science lesson alone but also allows for a greater spectrum of schooling and a bit of analytical thought thrown in for good measure. If it's not enough for you however you can cover the mathematics of it as well... how many people immigrated per day through Angel Island and Ellis Island a month, week and day, and what percentage came from which continent and country.

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