Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cabin Fever

Ok, so here in New England we've had ENOUGH of the snow and cold weather. In January and February we got more snow than we've had in years for the state of Connecticut, and my kids were all going crazy from it.

Keeping little minds busy and engaged is a bit of a task at times but not entirely impossible. Math can be taught from the book, but on a warm day get out and take advantage of the break in the weather and use Nature to teach things like Math and Science. At this point there are plants starting to peek through the soil, and fun can be had with string and a ruler.

Find your small plant or flower outside, then measure it's current growth. Make notes, and when you do have to go back inside, use your library or the internet to learn more about the growth rate. While Elementary age children might be a little young to estimate growth progressions and calculate them, it is well worth it to introduce the concept to them and make it a game to guess how fast the plant will grow.

What activities do you do when your students have cabin fever?

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